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Use the design tool

Use the design tool

Watch the video below to see how EDGE can help you assess your project or existing building in minutes.

EDGE Experts

EDGE is intended to be quick and intuitive, but if your design team doesn’t have familiarity with EDGE, then having a team member take the EDGE Expert training may be the right choice. Depending on the capacity and capability of your design team, external EDGE Experts can help support by applying their skills, insights and thorough understanding of the EDGE software and green building standard. Find an EDGE Expert

Met the standard? Why not certify it?

Once a project meets the EDGE standard in the design tool, the thinkstep and SGS’s audit and certification system is an affordable and simplified way to validate your green building achievements both at design and construction stage.

The EDGE certificate is a recognized award that will lend independent third party verification and credibility to your green building portfolio, enhance your brand image and deliver real business value.


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