EDGE Certification with

EDGE Certification Process

EDGE certification with thinkstep-SGS is straightforward.


Project Assessment
Use EDGE for free at www. edgebuildings.com. Register, create a new project and get started straight away enter- ing basic building data, so that EDGE can calculate a base case. The intuitive, simple interface allows you to begin optimising your design, finding the most cost effective way of achieving the EDGE standard.

icon-registration.jpg Project Registration

In preparation for an EDGE audit simply complete our registration form. thinkstep and SGS will take care of the rest. We will provide you with offers for the registration and certification as well as the audit of your EDGE assessment



You will receive a link to our file sharing platform. Start uploading your documents and provide your SGS auditor access to the files and to the EDGE assessment you have completed. Whether at design stage or post construction the SGS auditor will carry out a thorough audit of your EDGE assessment. 



Once the SGS auditors are satisfied that the standard has been achieved they will submit the audit to thinkstep for certification. The EDGE certificate - a recognized award that will lend credibility to your green building portfolio, enhance your brand image and deliver real business value.




Certifying a Project

EDGE certification with thinkstep-SGS offers transparent pricing for EDGE certification.
Register your project with thinkstep-SGS for $300.

Residential Certification
$ 2,100
Design Audit
$ 3,600
Final Audit
$ 3,650
$ 9,350
Commercial Certification
$ 2,100
Design Audit
$ 3,600
Final Audit
$ 3,650
$ 9,350


* Certification pricing includes both design and construction stages. Pricing may vary for residential projects with more than 100 units and/or more than three unit types. Audit fees include travel costs and any other ancillary expenses.

We also offer discounts for EDGE Experts. For more information about custom pricing please check the FAQs for exemplary fee structures or contact us.


Certifying your portfolio

Certifying a portfolio of buildings brings multiple benefits. It sends a positive signal to investors, drives profitability that can lead to expansion, increases property valuations, ensures cost control and consistency across properties, and contributes to a brand of corporate sustainability. thinkstep-SGS provides reduced prices when investing in multiple buildings. For more details on pricing, please email edge@thinkstep.com.


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