EDGE Experts offer Advice
in Designing and Building Green

Offering advice to people on the use of EDGE

EDGE experts offer advice in designing and building green, working closely with or within a client’s strategy and design team. By applying their skills, insights and thorough understanding of the EDGE software, EDGE Experts pave the way for a client to imagine and realize an entirely green portfolio.

EDGE experts help support design teams who are struggling with some aspects of EDGE such as sourcing the more efficient plant and fittings required and sourcing the right materials. EDGE Experts may also advise investors and large corporates on how EDGE can help deliver on procurement policies or Responsible investment strategies.


Work with one of our EDGE Expert Partners

We work with EDGE Experts around the world to bring localised knowledge and expertise to guide you on your EDGE journey.

Clients that choose to work with our EDGE Expert Partners receive a standard level of support at no extra cost. The standard support offered by our Expert Partners includes client representation during the certification process and assistance with gathering and uploading required documentation. Our partners can also offer specialist consultancy and design advice. Please reach out to our EDGE Expert Partners, listed below, for more information on the services they can provide.  






South America 3Lotus david@3lotusconsulting.com  fondo
South America Gea Consultores gea@geaconsultores.com gea
South America Green Group smulevich@greengroup.com.ar  green group
South America Mitsidi rosane@mitsidi.com mitsidi
Africa Web Limited boneye@webltd.co.ke  templatemo_logo
Africa Yaba & Kumba LLC kumbayaba@gmail.com  Logo YAKI
Asia DMG Thailand email@dmg-thailand.com DMG_logo



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